Let's get straight into it shall we?

Weekly virtual meditations is currently paused.

We have a virtual meditation sitting every Monday at 20:00 CET.

To join us you just need to sign up with your email using the form on the right here.

When covid meeting restrictions are over and we deem it reasonably safe we’ll resume in-person sittings in addition to these virtual sittings.

We use Zoom and here’s the flow of the virtual sitting:

  • 19:45  Zoom room opens and meditation instructions given if asked for
  • 20:00  Welcome, chitchat and Q&A
  • 20:05 Doors close. If you're late join us in time the following week
  • 20:10ish  Meditation starts (30 min)
  • 20:40ish  Meditation ends and afterwards we talk about meditation, the dharma, and life in general, and finish off with a Q&A.
  • 21:00  Zoom room closes

You can sit as you wish. Cross-legged on a zafu (traditional pillow), on a stool, or in a chair. Zazen (Zen meditation) is about sitting and focusing your mind, letting thoughts pass without getting involved in them, it’s not a display of flexibility and vigour.

TIP: If you don’t have a zafu, don’t worry. For a long time I folded a beach towel to approx 15 cm height to serve as my zafu.

You can use the type of meditation you wish (as long as it’s silent). If you’re new to meditation I suggest focusing on your breathing.

We provide space, community and a timer. You chose your method.

For more on Buddhism and related topics check the blog.


Hi, I’m Fredrik.

I’m in training to be ordained as a lay priest in Rinzai Zen school of Buddhism.

This is my place to write about what I learn to help me digest and internalise.

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